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how we create

Our job starts with a single vision. We choose the right technology to bring that vision to life,
create the content, and make it all work together, seamlessly, and transparently.

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HTML, php, mySQL, CSS

Spherics can work with a large array of coding formats, but specialise in HTML, cascading style sheets, php, javascript, mySQL, and Flash AS3 / XML. We work with the latest doctypes, and aim to produce code of the highest quality and standards. We use universal best practises, and invent innovative new methodology to improve where we feel even these are lacking.

We write our code from scratch, and develop it efficiently, to do precisely what it was created for, with a usefully modular and object-oriented approach that makes debugging and testing a smooth and painless process.

Full W3C compliance

Too often we see code that does not fully comply with established standards for no good reason, and this is something you will never encounter in our work. The more closely the coding of a web site follows W3C standards, the more compatible that site will be with the greatest range of browsers and browsing environments, so all our work is checked for W3C compliancy and several other stringent web standards for maximum compatability.

Although not important in and of itself, the physical neatness and logical layout of our coding are tell-tale signs of the sort of clear forward-thinking going on behind our 1's and 0's....

Flash AS 2.0 / AS 3.0

We love Flash, and the vast improvements Adobe have made to its capabilities with Action Script 3 and beyond, and we continue to recognize its vast importance for what we create. We use every aspect of Flash's excellent creative tools to deploy video, sound, and animation online, and we are expert at integrating Flash elements with other technologies to stunning effect.

It used to be that flash web sites could not be properly indexed by search engines, but this is no longer has to be the case, so there is no reason not to let our imaginations run wild, and to enrich your web site with movement, passion and atmosphere.

Content Management

Although we are certainly happy to produce static web sites, updatable by us at any time, it is sometimes preferable to build a dynamic site that allows our client to directly update, upload, and manage content.

There are many levels of CMS, and we can build them all, from specific dynamic elements on static pages to complete site-wide control.

We can customise existing CMS systems, code additional modules for in-place solutions, or write our own control systems to your exact specifications.We are happy to advise about what is the best approach for your project, and will discuss all the options with you.


We are very experienced at coding, customising, and managing web sites for online sales, and are committed to making sure that our customers truly understand and are fully competent at administrating the systems we build and implement for them.

Our vast range of auxillary skills often help with E-commerce projects, as we are able to offer creative writing / proof-reading services, product photography and invaluable experience about how best to present your products to the marketplace.

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All Spherics web sites are built from the ground up with SEO in mind. We can work with you to develop initial and ongoing strategies that will improve and strengthen your search engine rankings.

In the sites we build, careful attention is paid to site structure, folder structure, and page layout, presenting a logical, and easy-to-index site for search engines.

We will also work with you to define suitable Page Titles, Page Descriptions, Metadata, and Alt Tags, and correlate those elements with the viewable text in the site.

After site live we can suggest many ways of further improving page rankings, and our specialist SEO partners can offer detailed, ongoing SEO campaigns at a level that suits your scope and budget.

Consultation / Training

We are happy to provide web site reviews, upgrade strategies and development plans for new or existing projects, and can consult in most areas of online media and design.

We also offer training in the various systems we build, and consider it an important part of our service that we show our customers how to keep their web sites' looking pristine, as they continue to add new products or pages. We produce various information sheets; how to edit photographs, how to setup email clients etc, which our clients tell us are most helpful. We also offer email and phone support, and we can plan a visit to your location so that we can train you in your own working environment.

Web Site Design

Our coders deal with how things work, but it is our designers who create the all-important look and feel of your project. We aim to create classy, stylish and eye-catching designs that will really present your business to the world in the most effective way.

Our creative workflow is designed and refined over many years to be rewarding and progressive, and to guarantee a final result with which our customer is truly delighted.

Spherics is an ideas factory - creative people doing what they love most, and doing it well.

Logo Design

Spherics can create the perfect logo for your business, and provide you with artwork that covers any application possible to imagine.

We work closely with our customers to truly understand their business, and can then most effectively begin design work, producing a range of inital proof-of-concept ideas, which can then be selectively developed to an approved final.

We can also update, refine, or develop your existing logo, and provide you with consistent, precisely correct artwork that allows printers or the clients themselves easy and reliable access to the graphics.

Web Banners / Ads

We can produce advertising material in support of your existing web site, or for newly comissioned work. Link banners, flash adverts, news and e-mailshots are all capably and stylishly handled by our creative team.

We can also help with the deployment of various web media, either managing its distribution inhouse, or providing helpful advice on how and where to place the work.

Stationary / flyers

We had to choose a few words to describe the enormous array of print design work that Spherics can undertake, but the several we have chosen are merely the tip of the iceberg...

We design for ANY printed application. Greetings cards to vehicle decals, compliment slips to tourbanners, packing slips to coffee mugs, envelopes to clothing, if it can be printed upon, we can provide the design, artwork and print masters !

Our DTP work is exact, precise, clean and tidy. We provide artwork in any modern graphics format.

Print Mastering

Spherics can prepare print masters for new or existing artwork, and although we do not print inhouse, we are happy to manage the production of prints , and to work closely with your chosen (or our recommended) printers to oversee quality from start to finish.

Our print masters are prepared to the highest specifications, in formats helpful to both commercial and office / domestic printers, and are dispatched with full printing instructions / technical specifications.

We can also restore, rescue, archive or update existing images, and produce print or electronic masters from the restored media.


Our creative experts create digital art every day of their lives - for web sites, as part of logos, for software GUI's, as part of animations - the list is endless.

We create digital art of all types, static and moving, in 2D and 3D, photographic or graphics-based, and all things in between. We apply the same level of expertise and attention to detail in editing photos for an E-commerce web site as we do creating the main graphic for the front of a magazine, or building a 3D world quite literally from the ground up...

Rely on us to create you something amazing...

Sound Design

Sound design is an aspect of our work we very much appreciate and enjoy. We know that what our eyes see is all the more amazing if what our ears hear match and enhance the visual elements. Sound design helps place your customer IN your world, as opposed to viewing it from outside.

From the simplest of mouse-over sounds to full-scale ever-evolving atmospheres, Spherics can write, perform and produce the perfect soundtrack for your project.

Original Soundtrack Composition

Spherics write original music compositions for all aspects of media production. From short sound idents to fully arranged musical scores, we can handle the sound for your production.

We also have our own library of stock music and sound effects, and full recording and production facilities allowing us to record original music in-house. We are happy to manage all aspects of musical production including specialities as diverse as musical direction, score-writing, music publication, musician bookings, perfomance, audio engineering, mastering, and web optimisation.

Location Recording

Spherics insist on using the right sounds for any production, and will go to great lengths to source those sounds, including making original location recordings of them as and when required.

We use the latest field equipment to record extremely high quality source material, which is then edited and mastered for inclusion in your project.

In addition to this, we also have a comprehensive sound effects library in-house, and are experienced in searching for and acquiring specific soundbytes for any application. Spherics web sites will always feature top-level sound work.

Sound Recording

In addition to our in-house recording and post-production facilites, we work with a number of personally selected studios to offer Spherics customers world-class sound recording. We have experienced and talented audio engineers and producers working with us to guarantee you the very best in original sound.

Our recording scope ranges from single voice-over recordings to live orchestral or band performances and covers everything in between.

Please contact us to discuss how Spherics can take your sound to the next level...

Video Editing

Spherics can work with, and possibly improve, any existing video you provide, or can create new video footage for you on location, at Spherics HQ, or at a local studio or event. We can do multiple camera shoots, and HD recording is possible on request.

We also have comprehensive editing facilities and can produce final video for inclusion in your project or web site.

Talk to us about chroma-keying (green-screen) and how this can help present your business to the world...

Audio Mastering

Good sound is not only clear, warm, detailed, and vibrant, but it also needs to be loud. Making your sound stand out demands careful attention to the level and transients of your sound mix.

All Spherics original sound content goes through a comprehensive mastering process to produce energetic-sounding, attention-grabbing, clear sound elements, but we are happy to work with provided songs or clips and give them the latest in sonic overhauling !

We also optimize our sound specifically for the application in which it will be deployed, to ensure the highest quality sound arrives in the least time.

photo & content

A Spherics photograph is clear, sharp, focussed, vibrant and makes an impression. We can provide any level or amount of product, studio, or loaction photography for inclusion in your project or web site. All our staff are passionate photographers, and all take photos as a hobby as well as professionally.

We are extremely passionate about our images and we fully appreciate just how important great photos are to any web site or presentation. There is no longer any excuse for bad images on the web, and Spherics continue to provide ideally optimized work, perfectly balanced for quality and speed of online delivery.

Digital Art / Compositing

Production of digital artwork uses a large variety of our skills. We are experienced at working with vector illustrations, bitmap images, DTP layout tools, 3D modelling, texturing, animation and rendering, and 2D image compositing and montage work.

Image Editing / Correction

Taking great photos is a very good start for producing top quality web graphics, but work does not stop there. For really outstanding results, we offer a comprehensive image editing service.

Pictures are sharpened, colour-corrected and enhanced to whatever degree is necessary for the project in which they will be presented.

We are also able to restore old or scratched photos and provide CD or DVD masters for archiving purposes.

We can provide images in any modern format.

Texture Photography

We use textures in 3D work, in web backgrounds, and as elements in the design of most projects we work on. Our love of macro photography and still life and correspondingly large image library avail us of a huge range of textures for our work.

There are some examples of our texture photography in the gallery, at the lower right of this page.

Creative writing

The treatment of text is vital for any presentation, online or otherwise. Not only must it be technically correct, with no spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, or typos, but the words themselves should also do absolutely the best job they can. If words are not your forte, we are happy to apply our expressive creative writing skills to any rough text or ideas you may want to include in your project.

All submitted text is proof-read and corrected at several stages of each project, so we can also function as a helpful 'double-checking' service for your finished content.

Online Gallery

We are specialists in providing gallery solutions either as standalone pages, as part of photo-blogs, or integrated into a larger web site. We use a range of technologies to present images in a huge variety of ways, and our gallery pages always look ultra-sharp, ultra-vibrant, and often feature hi quality transitions, slideshow modes, and are always intuitive to use for the viewer.

Ask us about dynamic galleries, flash galleries, HTML galleries, gallery-blogs, and any other possible ways of presenting lots of pictures very nicely, and very quickly – we are happy to advise.

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